Jagruti Conveyor Belts Pvt. Ltd.

Belt Fastener

Belt Fasteners are a quick splicing alternative over the conventional belt jointing methods. Our Range of fasteners are designed to provide easy and quick belt joining. The performance of the joint is highly reliable. It saves precious downtime which is lost in the conventional process. The joint can be carried out by a single person by use of the designated hand tools.

Our fasteners are manufactured as per IS -10288:1982, DIN 15237. Fasteners are designed for a relentless performance under every condition. Fasteners are manufactured in steel, stainless steel and other carbon alloy as per suitability of the application. The conveyor belt fasteners are compatible to use with all types of PVC & Fabric belts.

Features of Belt Fastener:

  • Save precious downtime
  • Easy to install
  • Good Joining Strength
  • Long life
  • Persistence performance

Our Product range:

  • Bolt Solid plate Fastener
  • The solid plate fasteners are engineered with high standards to fulfill the demand of toughest material handling application providing a high strength splice joint. The solid bolt fasteners are mostly used fasteners for all application..

  • Rivet Solid plate Fasteners
  Rivet solid plate fasteners are compatible with the troughed belts and gives good performance with the straight wrapped belts. Rivet solid plate fasteners are designed to hold the belt at multiple point in a staggered pattern to give a long lasting jointing grip with the belt.
  • Rivet Hinged Fasteners
Rivet Hinged Fasteners are compatible with Belt cleaners and impact bed. The staggered pattern of the fasteners allow them to be used with belts giving an optimum holding strength without damaging the belt carcass Rivet hinged fasteners are specially designed for PVC and for worn out belt on which vulcanizing joint cannot be carried out.
  • Steel Lacing Fasteners
Steel Lacing fasteners comes in continuous lacing strip available in single length to fit any belt width , providing uniform tension across the belt width. It provides quick installation and requires no special tools for installation. There are no loose pieces to work with. It provide a very low profile and economical splice. It comes with steel and stainless option to fit your requirement.
  • Oval Fasteners
Oval fasteners are used for lap and saddle back belt joint.