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JIB cranes is an added support to the production line as well as the logistic bay. These cranes acceralate the human efforts by assisting in loading and unloading application.
These crane provides an edge over EOT cranes by reducing the wait time and incresing the productivity of the machine shop,
loading and unloading bay where there is requirement of load under six tonnes to be handled & continous movement of the material is required. The Jib cranes are column mounted or wall mounted depending upon the site layout and/or application requirement.

Our custom designed cranes are highly efficient with energy efficient components giving an optimum performance.


  • Light Weight Design
  • Rugged Built
  • Compact design
  • Energy efficient

Specification :

  • Type of mounting : Wall/ column/ pillar
  • Boom Lenght : 1.5 meter upto 7 meter
  • Mast lenght : 2 meter upto 10 meter
  • Capacity : upto 6 metric tonnes
  • Rotation : 360 *
  • Class & Duty : As per IS standard