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Goliath crane is specially designed for outdoor purpose.Goliath crane are also known as gantry cranes. These cranes are generally employed for lifting heavy loads. The main purpose of this types of cranes is in ship building, construction site , etc where there is heavy loads needs movements.

Goliath cranes are self supported cranes installed at the ground level. These type of cranes are suggested when the bay length is excessive and columns of crane tracks are a hurdle .


  • Light Weight Design
  • Rugged Built
  • Compact design
  • Energy efficient

Specification :

  •  Type  : Single/ Double girder 
  •  Span : Upto 30 meter   
  •  Height of lifting  : 15 meter
  •  Capacity : upto 50 metric tonne
  •  Class & Duty : As per IS standard
  •  Location : Outdoor / Indoor