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Pneumatic Conveyor System

Pneumatic conveyor system are the most economical way of conveying granules, dry powder bulk material, etc.

Pneumatic conveyor provides a simple way of conveying, mixing, & blending in correct ratios to get the desired production. These systems requires less space to work. The material in these type of system is transported by the pipelines. The system gives flexibility to have numerous exit and transfer points along the conveying line.

It is an effective way to handle bulk power or granules type material. As the complete conveying is done by pipes under air pressure or vacuum. It nullifies the chances of material escaping the system compared to other type of conveyor system. 

Our systems are designed and manufactured using state of art technology to meet your requirement.

Characteristic :

Length : 5-200m

Width : 100 m3/h

Our Product Range:


Area Of Application:

  • Plastic products manufacturing
  • Recycling plant
  • Powder material handling
  • Ash handling 


  • Homogenous mixing of material
  • Multiple loading & unloading point
  • Ease of geometry selection  
  • Requires no land space , so can also be mounted on walls of the production unit