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Hopper, Silo, Bin & Bunker

Hopper is one of the most essential components of the material handling plant. The hopper are used to ensure continuous material flow & storage of material. The needed of hopper is mainly at the junction of two system having different values of instantaneous flow rates, where this systems are unable to absorb the difference.

Hopper, Silo, bin and bunker are the same with a difference of some specific aspects but people use it freely as per their choice.

Hopper are generally categorized into transition hopper and storage hopper. The transition hopper are small in capacity & design depends on the feeding and discharge system. The storage hopper are large in capacity and size to hold the material for a very long period of time. The construction material is RCC or steel & shape of hopper is of rectangular cross section, square cross section, cylindrical, etc. depending on the requirement.

We design and develop customized solutions for your need.


  • Load Cell
  • Automatic flow controller

Our product range:

  • JAG HOP TRANS Series
  • The hopper available under this product series are for the purpose of transition & feeding purpose.
  • The hopper available under this series are for storage long term storage purpose.