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Filter Belt

Filter conveyor belts are used to filter out solid from liquid or vice versa from the mixture. Filter belts comes with different type of hole patterns to suit different application. The drainage holes usually straddle the ribs between the two grooves, allowing one hole to drain both grooves. Hole patterns can be repeated across the width.

Filter belt grooves are usually one of the three basic shapes: V, Round, and U, with the V-shape being the most common. The purpose of the grooves is to transport the liquid being drained to the drainage holes. Grooves are either cut or ground into the top cover of the belt, leaving the carcass intact and protected.

Filter Conveyor Belts Manufacturer

Characteristics of Filter Belt:

Available Width : up to 2400mm
Carcass Type : EP / NN
Belt Rating : 200 to 2000 kn/m
No of plies : 3,4 ply
Rubber Cover grade : M24, HAR, SAR, HR,OR, Special custom belts
Rubber Cover thickness : 2 to 16 mm
Rubber : Black
Surface finish : Rough
Edge : moulded edge
Splicing Method : Hot/Cold

Filter Belt Area of Applications:

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Paper Pulp Processing Industry
  • Chemical Industry

Filter Belt Unique Features:

  • Easy material segregation
  • Material cleaning