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Belt Roller Conveyor

  Belt Roller conveyor is a basic type of roller conveyor system. The material is conveyed over the belt ,which moves over the idler rollers, driven by the pulley. The belt size , speed ,length and troughing angle are application specific & are variable, .

Characteristics of Belt Roller Conveyor:

Length: Can provide up to 5000 m

Width: can achieve up to 4600

Speed: As per capacity requirement

Troughing angle: Optimum as per requirement

Belt Type: Fabric/Steel Cord

Our Product Range:

  • JAG Belt Roller Conveyor Light series
  • JAG Belt Roller Conveyor Heavy series

Belt Roller Conveyor Area of Applications:

  • Mining
  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Cement plant
  • Sand excavation site

Features of Belt Roller Conveyor Area:

  • Light and sturdy design
  • Power efficient
  • Low maintenance