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Belt Sway switches

Belt Sway Switch is a protective switch for detecting the meandering (sway or deviation) of belt conveyors, and sends out an alarm signal and an emergency stop signal.Suited to be used for belt breakage prevention and orefalling prevention due to the belt sway. Widely used in iron and steel, cement and chemical plants, thermal power plants, etc., since it is essential for safety operation of belt conveyors.

These Switches are designed for Man and Machine Safety, to avoid accidents, and for stopping the Machine in case of Emergency. In Belt Conveyors, belt swaying occurs due to uneven loading, misalignment of the idlers & due to worn surfaces. Belt Sway Switches are useful to restrict belt sway within the tolerable limits. Belt Sway Switch is mounted on both sides of belt conveyors preferably every 15 to 20 meters.