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Conveyor Belt Cleaner 

Jagruti Conveyor Belts, conveyor belt cleaner supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is the most effective way to increase the working life of a belt. The cleaner help to keep the belt surface clean and reduces the possibilities of material coming between pulley and belt ,thus increasing the belt life and overall system efficiency.

Primary Belt Cleaner

The primary belt cleaner are employed at the head pulley and most of the cleaning of belt is done at this stage. The cleaning at this stage is at the material drop zone, where the belt is cleaned with a minimum pressure, leaving few sticky materials on the belt. This primary belt cleaner are mounted just below the material flow trajectory.

Secondary Belt Cleaner

The second stage of cleaning is necessary as this will require less pressure cleaning at the primary stage , increasing belt life and improving cleaning. The secondary cleaner are employed after the belt leaving the discharge pulley end where it cleans the remaining material on belt after secondary cleaning.

Internal Belt Cleaner

The return side cleaners are also employed to ensure the belt is material free, ensuring a long life and optimum performance of the system. This return side cleaner are also known as internal cleaner or scrappers. The main objective of this types of cleaner is to prevent any material from going in between tail pulley and belt. The most common used are v-plough and D-plough type of cleaner.

Our product Range:

  • JAG Primary Cleaner
  • JAG Secondary Cleaner
  • JAG Internal Cleaner