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Abrasion Resistance Conveyor Belt

Abrasion resistance conveyor belts are manufactured with high quality abrasion resistance material. These high quality material increases the service life ,withstanding the damages that may be caused by the conveying material. These belts are resistance to abrasive nature of material as well as resistance to small cuts and impact. These belts are flawless in terms of performance.

Abrasion resistance conveyor belts are mostly used  for conveying glass, graphite, cullet, rocks, etc.

Characteristics of Abrasion Resistance Conveyor Belt:

Available Width: 500mm up to 4600mm

Carcass type: NN/EP

Belt Rating: 200 to 2500 kn/m

No of plies: 2 ,3,4,5 ply

Rubber Cover grade: DIN W, Special custom belts

Rubber Cover thickness: 2 to 16 mm

Rubber: Black

Surface finish: Smooth

Edge: Cut edge or moulded edge

Splicing Method: Hot/Cold/Mechanical splice

Abrasion Resistance Conveyor Belt Area of Applications:

  • Mining Industry
  • Recycling Plant
  • Power Plants
  • Shipyards
  • Airport

Abrasion Resistance Conveyor Belt Unique Features:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Long life
  • Resistance to wear and tear