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Impact Bed

The loading point is the most critical area of any conveyor system. The material drop height, its size & belt speed are the deciding factor on the life of a conveyor belt. The conventional method is to use roller support at the loading point, this gives rise to squeezing of conveyor belt due to the impact of the falling material. This effect can damage the belt as well as give rise to material spillage. All of these lead to seizure and breakdown of impact rolls, meaning severe

The impact bed, designed to troubleshoot this problem at the loading point consisting of impact bars which is a combination of three different layers. The top layer is made of UHMWPE for smooth movement of belt due to its low dynamic co-efficient of friction. The middle layer is of rubber to cushion the impact load while the lower layer is made of aluminum, which acts as a fastening device with the main support frame or cradle. The cradlers are custom built to suit specific applications. The installation of impact bar is made is such a way that the belt is not in touch with the bar when running empty. The belt comes in contact with the bar only when it is running under loaded condition.

Features of Impact Bed:

  • No mechanical moving components
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction.
  • High Abrasion resistant.
  • Shock absorbing.
  • No belt sagging, no belt mistracking.
  • Belt protection from puncture and tear
  • Reduces spillage of material at the loading point
  • Friendly with the side skirt sealing system as it eliminates the gap which occurs commonly between two conventional impact idlers.

Impact Bed Area of Application:

  • Mining of hard rock
  • Coal handling plants
  • Power Plants
  • Load out facilities