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Conveyor Pulley

Pulleys are one of the most important component of the conveyor system. These are designed to perform tasks like providing tension to belt,power transmission and belt tracking. Conveyor systems performance and reliability depends on the pulley.

JAG Pulleys are made of steel tubes ( IS :3601-1966) and shaft of EN-8 material to ensure high reliability & quality. We  manufacture Conveyor Pulley  as per (IS :8531-1986) & also to meet new design requirement. Jag pulleys are dynamically balanced as per (IS:15147-2002). For ease of selection , we recommend the Size as per pulley selection table.

Drive/Head Pulley:

Pulleys are used for directional change in vertical plane in conveyor system & to form an endless loop for continuous operation. The necessary drive power is transmitted through pulleys. The pulleys are basically of two types Drive pulley and Non drive pulley.

Snub Pulley:

Snub pulley is used to achieve higher angle of wrap on the drive pulley thereby increasing the traction. It also reduces the belt tension maximizing the life of the conveyor component.It is mounted close to the drive pulley on the return side of the belt.

Bend Pulley:

Bend pulley is used for changing the conveyor belt direction. The prime purpose is to maintains proper tension in the belt & accommodating changes in the length of the conveyor belt(Take up). It is located near the tail end part of the pulley.

Tail Pulley:

Tail pulley is generally at the opposite side of the discharge end, either ideal or drive pulley.