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Feeder Conveyor Belt

Feeder conveyor belts are used in feeding of material. This belt is designed with sidewall and centre feeding guide to ensure continuous & efficient feeding. These Belts are available in different Holes & pattern. A variety of hot vulcanized tumbling cleats and tracking guides can be made to meet the desired requirement.

Characteristics of Feeder Conveyor Belt:

Available Width : up to 2400mm
Carcass Type : EP / NN
Belt Rating : 200 to 2000 kn/m
No of plies : 3,4 ply
Rubber Cover grade : M24, HAR, SAR, HR,OR, Special custom belts
Rubber Cover thickness : 2 to 16 mm
Rubber : Black
Surface finish : Rough
Edge : Cut edge or moulded edge
Splicing Method : Hot/Cold
Packing :Palletized Packaging

Feeder Conveyor Belt Area of Applications:

  • Coal Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Recycling Industry

Feeder Conveyor Belt Unique Features:

  • Fang structure prevents any powder material or lumps from scattering
  • V guides are designed at the bottom of the belt to ensure constant feeding.