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Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Rough top belts are embossed with rough surface to convey material at a steep inclined height. Rough top belts have high friction top surface, due to this high friction property of top surface material can be transported to an angle of 20 with ease. This belt is use mainly for transport of sacks, parcels & boxes.


Available Width : Up to 4600mm
Carcass Type : EP /NN
Belt Rating : 200 to 800 kn/m
No of plies : 3,4 ply
Rubber Cover grade : M24, HAR, SAR, HR,OR, Special custom belts
Rubber Cover thickness : 2 to 16 mm
Rubber : Black
Surface finish : Rough
Edge : Cut edge or moulded edge
Splicing Method : Hot/Cold/Mechanical splice

Area of Application :

  • Packaging industry
  • Wood industry
  • Cement industry
  • Recycling industry
  • Road Construction Machinery
  • Baggage  conveyor

Unique Feature:

  • Easy transport of material at steep angle (up to 20).
  • High grip top surface.
  • Reduced material slippage.