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Belt Reeling Machine

Our Conveyor belt reeling machine is the most economical and efficient machine to handle the conveyor belt on site.

A single machine to suit your reeling and unreeling need. Our machine can directly coil the belt from the conveyor with ease up to 4000 meter. The shaft loading and unloading is more easy & safe with our new shaft lock design.

The machine comes with fixed structure & also comes with folding option for easy transport.

The machine is also equipped with our standard maintenance kit which will take care of all your maintenance need.

Safety & quality being at core of our policy, all our machines comes with QA tested, Safety guards & warning signs.

Features of Belt Coiler & Decoiler:

  • Directly coil the belt from the conveyor System
  • Simple & Robust design
  • Easy mobilization
  • Less maintenance
  • Long working life
  • Easily operated

Our Product Range:

  • BCM -1000
  • BCM -1600
  • BCM -2000
  • BCM-2400