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Pallet Handling Conveyor System

Our designed and developed pallet handling systems will meet all your pallet handling, conveying and de-palletizing needs.

Our pallet handling system are customized as per application requirement.

Characteristic of Pallet Handling Conveyor System:

Pallet Width: 1.5 m (max)

: 2  m (max)

Power transmission: Roller/Slat

Length: As per requirement

Pallet Handling Conveyor System Area of Application:

  • Logistics /warehouse
  • Stock bay
  • Packaging
  • Airports

Our Product Range:

  • Jag Pallet slat conveyor
  • Jag Pallet trolley conveyor
  • Jag Pallet Roller conveyor
  • Jag pallet stacker
  • Jag pallet de-stacker
  • Jag Transfer Modules Conveyor

Features of Pallet Handling Conveyor System:

  • Cluster conveying of material 
  • Easy to handle material bundled together
  • Automatic Product sorting & storing