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Pulley lagging sheet

Lagging is a process of applying a coating, cover on the wearing surface.

Slippage of conveyor belt can cause substantial damage to the drive pulley and the conveyor belt. The damage to the system can consume significant breakdown time, leading to huge losses.

The surrounding atmosphere also has a significant effect on the working of the system. The rain and sludge can cause slippage between belt and pulley, to overcome this problem the pulley is lagged with a rubber sheet, which increases the friction between two surfaces.

We are a prominent manufacturer of Pulley lagging rubber sheet that helps to increase the life of a pulley, improve water shedding, eliminate belt slippage & boost productivity.

Diamond Pattern Lagging sheet :

Ideal for small diameter pulleys on systems with black conveyor belt. It prevents belt from slippage (in particular when water is present) and increase the drive traction of the pulley.  It also deflects water into lateral or diamond shaped grooves, away from pulleys.

Plain Pattern lagging sheet :

Idle for consistently dirty applications to prevent build up and shed excess material.

Light-duty lagging :

Specially designed for pulleys having diameters as small as 50mm.

Ceramic lagging :

The ceramic of alumina is used for the lagging with a blended rubber compound of CN polymer.

This ceramic lagging provides twice the performance compared to rubber lagging. The ceramic lagging provide more traction and is much more endured to harsh atmosphere. The ceramic lagging are extreme wear resistance.