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Oil Resistance Conveyor Belt

Oil resistance conveyor belts are compounded of oil resistance synthetic rubber. The high quality compound resists the penetration of fats & oils into the belt thus providing better performance and long life cycle.

These oil resistant belts are also used for carrying soybean draff, fish meat and other oily materials containing non-polar organic solvents & fuel. Our range of OR Conveyor Belt are specially made to provide Resistance to mineral oil, grease, vegetable oil, paraffin oil, naphthenic based oils, petrol and animal fat etc. where Conveyor lines causing swelling and sponginess by these Oils.

Oil resistance Conveyor belts are immensely used for conveying the components & parts coated with machine oil, heavy-oil treated coal in cooking plants & electric power generating plants


Available Width : 500mm up to 4600mm

Carcass type : NN/EP

Belt Rating : 200 to 2500 kn/m

No of plies : 2 ,3,4,5 ply

Rubber Cover grade : DIN G, IS OR, Special custom belts

Rubber Cover thickness : 2 to 16 mm

Rubber : Black

Surface finish : Smooth

Edge : Cut edge or moulded edge

Splicing Method : Hot/Cold/Mechanical splice

Area of Application :

  • Food processing Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Recycling Plant
  • Cement Industry
  • Paper & Pulp Industry
  • Wood Industry
  • Waste treatment plant
  • Chemical Industry

Unique Feature:

  • Oil & fat resistance


  • Long Life
  • High durability
  • Resistance to wear and tear